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Cheerleaders Hen Party Theme

Cheerleaders Hen Party Look

Cheerleading is all about having fun and so is your hen party, so obviously cheerleading and hen parties go hand in hand. Everyone recognises a cheerleader when they see one and your hen party sure will stand out from the crowd when all of your gorgeous hens are dressed up in the same cheerleading costumes. One thing for sure is that your hens will look hot hot hot!

We have all seen cheerleaders in American movies and TV shows, well now is the chance for your hen party to dress up just like the movies. The trickiest part to the Cheerleader hen party theme is getting the cheerleader dress. We would strongly suggest that when you do locate the perfect cheerleader dress that you get the same dress for every hen, in their appropriate size of course, as having every single hen in the same hen cheerleading dress will most definitely make this the perfect hen party idea!


Everything else outside of the cheerleading dress should be very simple. Knee high socks for every single one of your cheerleading hens is an absolute must, and everyone will have to get the same colour too. It is up to your hens whether they want to wear black heels, or keep it strict to the cheerleading theme with every hen wearing white plimp soles, which can easily be purchased for cheap at at discount shoe store. Dont forget the pom poms!

What will finish off your cheerleading hen party theme party perfectly will be the cheerleading hair styles that your hens decide on, whether it be pig tails, pony tails, plaited hair or braids. One thing for sure is that your cheerleading hens will have great fun styling each others hair!

Cheerleaders Hen Party Activity

Activities for your Cheerleader hen party theme couldn't be easier to pick. If your hens are the sporty type then why not arrange a day at a sports centre to play hockey, netball or even five aside football. Though if that sounds too much like hard work then a hen party dance class would be the ideal choice with your hens trying out incredible dance moves and dressed up to match!

Celebrity Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders hen party theme has been sported by dozens of incredible beauties over the past number of decades in films, TV and photo shoots, so there will be any number of celebrity cheerleaders out there to get inspiration from for your cheerleading hen party. Many actresses were even cheerleaders before they were famous, such as Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Paula Abdul!

For cheerleading hen party ideas check out Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnollo as cheerleading beauties in Disaster Movie. Or for the ultimate in hen party cheerleading inspiration get your hens together and watch, Bring it On, the movie all about a cheerleading competition! What more do you need?


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