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Bohemian Hen Party Theme

Get the Bohemian Hen Party Look

For the chic ladies looking for something a little different, a bohemian hen party theme is ideal! This look can simply be defined as a native or inhabitant of Bohemia and is a very simple yet effective theme that all types of ladies can create!

The Bohemian hen party theme can be easily created with a wide range of designs and styles to choose from! Firstly, the hens should opt for either a floral design or patterns whether it may be a maxi dress or high waisted trousers! Gladiator shoes or brown faux fur boots are guaranteed to look the part and a great way to add to the hen party theme! Go the extra mile and include a few stylish finishing touches including flower crowns, round-shaped sunglasses and gold bangles! With our top style tips, your Bohemian hen party theme will have everyone daring to stare!

Bohemian Hen Party Ideas


There are indeed plenty of fun hen party ideas for those opting for a Bohemian theme with something to suit even the fussiest of hens!

Glamping - One of the most popular hen party ideas for a Bohemian theme is of course glamping, a more luxurious and glamorous version of camping which is indeed suitable for you and your classy besties! Here the girls can be at one with the great outdoors whilst being in the comfort of a stylish pod, hut or cabin! Feel like a true Bohemian native with this unique hen party accommodation for the celebrations!

Festival - It is very common to see Bohemian looks at outdoor music festivals so it should definitely be on your to-do list! Here the ladies can carelessly spend the day listening to catchy music and dancing with a alcoholic beverage in hand! It is sure to be a fun day had by all!

Flower Workshops - Why not create your very own flower crowns for the hen party theme? With a wide range of designs, flowers and colours to choose from, here the hens can let their imagination run wild! From tulips to dahlias, roses to orchids, have everyone daring to stare with your amazing creation!

Jewellery Making - It comes as no surprise that Bohemian’s are huge fans of flashy jewellery so perhaps a jewellery making class may be on the cards! With a Bohemian hen party theme in mind, the girls can create anything from earrings to necklaces, bracelets to anklets! This is sure to bring out the inner hen in all your lovely ladies and a super fun crafty experience!

A Bohemian hen party theme comes jam packed with super fun hen party ideas as well as lots of style options to help pull off this glamorous look!

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