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Black and Bling Hen Party Theme

Get the “Black and Bling” Hen Party Look

The only concrete rules in place for the Black and Bling Hen Party theme is that every single must wear black clothes, and black clothes only. Though where the hens really get to make the theme their own all depends on your choice of bling! Your hens can wear as much bling as they want, whether it be gold or silver, tacky or classy. Your hen party sure will stand out among the crowd with all your hens in black and their startling bling shining through. It may sound like a simple concept but it sure is an effective hen party themes and very easily put into practice too!

Black and Bling Hen Party Ideas

Jewellery making class e.g. hire a jewellery maker and style your own bling! 
Make up class e.g. hire a make up artist for the day to create the perfect Black and Bling look - with lots of sparkles!
Nail art class e.g. get in the Black and Bling mood by hiring a beautician to show you and the ladies how to create the perfect nail art!

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