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Back To School Hen Party Theme

Get the “Back to School” Hen Party Look

Now can it get any easier for your hen party to get the Back to School hen party theme? Without a doubt many of your hens will have been to a Back to School themed night or a fancy dress. Although the basis of the Back to School hen party theme is uniform, no matter how many of your hens dress up as school girls we can guarantee that now two will be exactly the same. There is so much variation in this fantastic hen theme that girls can wear anything from micro skirts, to black hot pants, knee high socks, stockings, shirts, jumpers, plaits, pig tails and even cheeky make up. The Back to School Hen Party Theme will provide your hens with a creative licence to dress themselves as creatively as they can and will undoubtedly result in a magic hen party weekend to remember!

Back to School Hen Party Ideas

Sports Day
e.g. egg and spoon race, relay, three legged race, wheelbarrow race etc.
Talent Show e.g. singing contest, pet show etc.
Art Class e.g. draw a nude, paint a nude etc.
Cookery Class e.g. chocolate making, cupcake making etc.
Lunch e.g. swap your packed lunch for a stylish afternoon tea!

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