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Angels and Devils Hen Party Theme

Get the Angels and Devils Hen Party Theme Look

The best thing about the Angels and Devils Hen party theme idea is that your hens will have an incredible amount of fun getting everything together for it. The funniest part will be the hen choosing which hens are to be Hen party angels and which hens are to be hen party devils.

Obviously the colour scheme here is the first thing that springs to mind. For your hen party devils your hens should simply ensure that whatever clothing they wear is red and black. As long as all hen party devils ensure they sick to the colour code of red and black, no matter what style of clothes they wear the impact will be great and instantly recognisable. What is a vital part of the devil hen party idea are the accessories, all of your hen party devils will most definitely need a pair of devil horns, see our hen party shop for these. We would also advise other hen party accessories such as maybe even a whip or handcuffs, really whatever your hens think is appropriate and naughty for a hen party devil.

Depending on how cheeky your hens want to be you can make hen party devil theme quite raunchy and could take a lot of inspiration from our Dominatrix hen party theme as it mixes quite well with the devil hen party theme. For your hen devils we’re thinking red leathers, stockings, corsets and of course an obligatory whip.

With the hen party angels hen party theme the obvious colour which springs to mind is white. As with the hen party devils theme having all of your hens in the same colour is incredibly effective. If you can ensure that all of your hen party angels dress all in white, with white and gold thrown in wherever they fancy then your hen party angels will look fabulous and most importantly look the opposite of the hen party devils. Once again accessories are key here with either hen party angels wings or even a hen party halo.

Angels and Devils Hen Party Activity

The special thing about the angels and devils hen party theme is that you are not restricted to any certain type of hen party activity. We would highly recommend a night on the town though, as this angels and devils hen party idea will be super effective. Why not go for an entertaining dinner in a Japanese Tepanyaki restaurant, followed up a cocktail master class in a classy bar to get the night started.

Celebrities in Favourite Colours

Who better than The Saturdays to show you delightful and naughty your angel and devils hen party theme can be?

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