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Air Hostess Hen Party Theme

Get The Air Hostess Look

Air hostess uniforms are known for their figure hugging styles so let your hen hostesses begin by putting on a short fitted skirt with a sexy white shirt tucked into it. Add a snug fitting jacket with the same colour and material as the skirt and button up ladies!

Complete the look with some sexy high heels, a faux airline badge stuck onto the jacket, a neck tie, a classy air hostess hat and a seductive smile! Your hens must follow the air hostess rules of wearing pretty makeup, hair tied up in a ponytail or bun and beautifully manicured nails. The hen party banter will reach new heights when you see each other dressed up and it’s a sure bet for an entertaining hen do celebration when you all head out to party and catch some flattering glances!

Hen Party Activity

Now that your hen do ladies are reaching for the skies with the air hostess hen party theme, they might as well try out a hen day activity of flying, paragliding or even ballooning. Perhaps in the afternoon your hen party can have fun practicing high quality airline service with a smile as they serve each other typical mile-high snacks like peanuts, crisps and maybe even a few full throttle cocktails!


Get your hens to look up the air hostess uniforms of famous airlines online or maybe gather on the sofa and watch the comedy film ‘Airplane’ to see just how sexy air hostesses can look! The famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones really pulls off the stylish look of an air hostess in the film ‘The Terminal’. With this fun flirty hen party theme, your hen do celebrations are guaranteed a successful take off and flight!

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