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Hen party songs is sure to get all your girls in the party mood! We all wanted to be a popstar at some stage or even to be the next lady in the Spice Girls! So why not relive those special moments and belt out some all time hen party classics?

Hen Night Songs

Hen party songs is a great way to get your girls ready for the hen night ahead. Choosing songs for your hen weekend isn't simple, but that's why we're here to help! Depending on what hen party theme you decide to choose, we have the perfect selection of hen party songs for everyone!

Hen Party Playlists

Create a hen party song playlist and choose from the most up to date and popular songs from artists such as Beyonce, Jessie Jay, Katy Perry and Avicii. Perhaps you want to go back in time and match your retro 80's hen weekend theme with music from the 1980's. Create the ultimate 80's hen party playlist with singers such as Bryan Adams, The Bee Gees or Cyndi Lauper!

Vintage Hen Night Music

If you're organising a vintage themed hen night, choose from hen party songs by the wonderful Marilyn Monroe or one of Christina Aguilera's popular 2001 hen party songs from the hit film Moulin Rouge. Great Gatsby albums have already been created on iTunes with a wide variety for you to choose from for your gatsby theme hen weekend.

Country themed hen parties that want to complete the weekend with hen party country songs can avail of music from talented country artists. Popular hen party country songs come from artists such as Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks.

All hen party songs recommended by HenorStag.com are available to download from iTunes. If your feeling lazy, iTunes have a variety of pre-made hen party albums and playlists full of popular hen party songs.