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What If Mr and Mrs Questions

Ask these Mr and Mrs questions to the groom and simply change the wording for the Bride. Remember this round is about the Bride knowing what the groom would do!

Tip: Copy questions you want into a word processor and use a Find and Replace function to replace “(Bride)” with their real name.

1. (Bride) gets a flat tire and is 1 hours drive away, what do you do? A: Drive to her and change the wheel B: Tell her to get someone else to do it C: Get a recovery service, or D: Tell her to do it herself!

2. (Bride) gets a promotion at work, how do you celebrate? A: Go to the local pub B: Go for a meal together C: Throw a massive party D: The drinks are on her!

3. You accidentally eat something that (Bride) loves, how do you explain it to her A: Just own up and apologise B: Replace it C: Tell her she's already eaten it D: Blame it on a pet

4. (Bride) gets a tattoo or piercing that you hate, what do you say? A: I love it B: I hate it!

5. (Bride) wants an expensive present, what do you do? A: Buy it regardless B: Buy a Fake C: Say it was out of stock D: Get a voucher so she can pay for the rest.

6. (Bride) wants you to go to a family party, but your friends have invited you to something as well, what do you do? A: Go to the family party B: Make an appearance but leave early to be with your friends C: Go with friends but turn up late at the family party D: Go with your friends.

7.(Bride) buys clothes for you that you hate, do you: A: Pretend you like it B: Say you like it but never wear it C: Look for the receipt so you can return it D: Be honest and say you don’t like it and hope she kept the receipt.

8. (Bride) is celebrating her birthday with a girls night out on the town and wants you to come as well but you think it will be a boring night, do you A: Go along anyway B: Go but leave when you get the chance C: Get her drunk so you can go home early D: Say your sick.

9. (Bride) wants to go to her newly engaged friend to give her a present from them but you have never met them so you don’t want to go, do you A: Make her go on her own B: Leave it at the front door C: Go despite your issues D: Tell her she's not your friend.

10. (Bride) leaves her Facebook logged on do you A: Change her Birthday B: Make a status about how great you are C: Comment her friends statuses D: Change relationship status E: Do Nothing


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