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Paddle Round Mr and Mrs Questions

Ask the groom to be the questions and record his answers and make sure he doesn't go telling what he said to the Bride-to-be! To get the question right both the Bride and groom have to say the same person.

1.Who is the smartest?

2. Who has the best sense of humour?

3. Who is the kindest?

4.Who is the best with money?

5. Who has the best fashion sense?

6. Who is better at cooking?

7. Who has the worst morning breath?

8. Who gets their way the most?

9. Who has the best job?

10. When it comes to food, who is the fussiest?

11. Who watches the most television?

12. Who is the best kisser?

13. Who is the most organised?

14. Who is the best with children?

15. Who has the most embarrassing family?

16. Who spends the most time on social media?

17. Who takes up the most space in the bed?

18. Who takes the longest to get ready?

19.Who makes the best cup of tea?

20. Who has the worst temper?

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