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Groom's Childhood Mr and Mrs Questions

Tip: Copy questions you want into a word processor and use a Find and Replace function to replace “(Groom)” with their real name.

1. What secondary school did (Groom) go to?

2. What was (Groom)’s favourite subject at school?

3. Who was his best friend growing up?

4. What age was (Groom) when he had his first kiss?

5. Who was (Groom)’s favourite sports person growing up?

6. What was (Groom)’s best ever toy?

7. What did (Groom) get in GCSE (or equivalent) English and Maths?

8. What A-Level/BTEC subjects did (Groom) do?

9. Who was (Groom) childhood celebrity crush?

10. What kind of pupil was (Groom) at school; A: Rebel B: Teachers Pet C: Goody Two Shoes D: The Cool Kid E: Class Jester

11. What was their favourite song as a child?

12. Who was (Groom)’s favourite TV programme as a child?


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