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Food and Drink Mr and Mrs Questions

Before the hen party ask these questions to the groom to be and record each answer to see does the Bride know her stuff.

Tip: Copy questions you want into a word processor and use a Find and Replace function to replace “(Groom)” with their real name.

1. Who does (Groom) think is a better cook? His Mother, You, or himself?

2. What would (Groom) say your favourite meal is?

3. If you and (Groom) go to an Indian restaurant, what did (Groom) say he would order?

4. (Groom) is eating at your parents and they serve something he dislikes, what does he do? A: Say he's feeling sick B: Tells them he doesn't like it C: Puts it in a napkin D: Gives it do the dog E: Eats it and says nothing

5. What is (Groom)’s preferred choice of drink to have after he has got all hot and sweaty from exercise (or a sport he plays)

6. What did (Groom) say was his signature dish?

7. What is (Groom)’s favourite brand of beer/cider?

8. What is (Groom)’s favourite fast food chain?

9. What did (Groom)’s say he likes the most; A: Sweets B: Chocolate C: Biscuits D: Ice cream

10. (Groom) is at the bar at a wedding and you have to choose the main course for him, the options are Roast Beef, Turkey and Ham or Salmon. What would he have picked for himself?

11. What is (Groom)’s favourite food or drink that is only consumed at christmas?

12. What is (Groom)’s ideal drink to go with a Sunday roast?

13. What is the (Groom)’s favourite dessert?

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