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Dating Mr and Mrs Questions

Questions about the Groom

Ask these questions to the Bride-to-be, finding out the real answer to the question from the groom before hand:

Tip: Copy questions you want into a word processor and use a Find and Replace function to replace “(Bride)” and “(Groom)” with their real name.

1.What did (Groom) say was your biggest turn off to him when you started dating?

2. What did (Groom) say was the worst present that you ever got him?

3. When meeting your family for the first time, what did (Groom) say was the biggest shock for him?

4. When asked what is the best date that he has taken you on, what did (Groom) say?

5. Which of these date ideas would (Groom) prefer? A: A meal at a nice restaurants B: Cinema C: Casual drink in a bar or pub D: Quite night in.

Questions about the Bride

Ask these questions to the groom to be, finding out the real answer to the question from the Bride-to-be on the hen party:

1. What would (Bride) say is the most romantic thing you have done for her?

2. What would (Bride) say was the strangest date you where on together?

3. Would (Bride) say your relationship was love at first sight or it was a slow burner?

4. Who did (Bride) say was the instigator of your first argument as a couple?

5. This round of questions will uncover the romance and the funny moments of the dates between the happy couple! Some of the questions are to test the Bride and some to test the groom.
What did (Bride) say her first impression of you was?

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