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HEN PARTY Questions

How well does the bride and groom to be know each other? Do they know the ins and outs of their relationship? Well this is a fun idea to test exactly that!

This is the perfect hen party idea to kickstart your hen party weekend! Uncover interesting facts and questions that your hen party will be dying to know, such as dating questions, food questions, like and dislikes and more!

Mr and Mrs Wedding Questions
This hen party idea will test the knowledge of the bride-to-be about the up and coming wedding! Your hen party will love hearing the ambitious plans and expectations of the bride! Try not to laugh too much girls…

Mr and Mrs ‘What If’ Wedding Questions
Time to uncover the truth! This hen party idea will help share the funny moments and awkward dates between the bride and groom! Both the hen and stag will be tested, with the hen party being the only winner on getting to hear the low down on the couples previous experiences!

More Mr and Mrs Wedding Questions Below!
For one of the funniest and eye-watering hen party ideas, look no further! We have you covered! Check out one of the many Mr and Mrs Question categories below to find out which questions take your fancy!