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Sky Lantern Hen Party Inspiration

Sky Lanterns are the perfect hen party idea and a great way to mark the celebrations in style! Also known as wishing lanterns, this hen party idea is ideal for both friends old and new to unite! Blissfully watch the pretty lantern float into the night sky whilst making making a wish within yourself! Sky lanterns are also very calming and are sure to leave all the hens in good spirits! Be also sure to pick a stunning or sentimental location to ensure this is a hen party to remember!

The sky lanterns are made of biodegradable tissue paper on a bamboo frame with a wax fuel cell in the centre. Simply light the wax fuel cell filling the lantern with hot air, and this will cause it to rise gently into the sky - so simple but yet so beautiful!

Why not head to London where your girlies will enjoy the ‘Magical Lantern Festival’ with thousands of stunning lanterns floating into the night sky at once - what a beautiful and majestic sight!

Below is a list of sky lantern hen party ideas that may inspire you:

Personalised Sky Lanterns

Choose from a wide range of designs and styles to suit your hen party! You may decide to opt for a personalised sky lantern to impress all your lovely ladies! This could be the Bride-to-be’s name or each of the hen’s names to add that extra special touch - a sweet and thoughtful hen party idea!

Traditional Chinese Lanterns

If you want to keep it simple, you could opt for traditional Chinese lanterns! These sky lanterns are plain but pretty! Traditional Chinese lanterns come in a wide range of stunning colours, so you are sure to be spoilt for choice! If you want to go the extra mile, be sure to do your homework and find out each of your hen’s favourite colour, it is sure to blow them away!

Heart-Shaped Sky Lanterns

We are loving the heart-shaped sky lanterns, they are nothing short of unique and different! It is indeed a very girly design which is perfect for a hen party! What could be better than seeing your heart-shaped sky lantern float away into the starry night sky?

Floating Lotus Flower Lanterns

If the hen party is located near water, you may decide to opt for floating lotus flower lanterns! It is indeed a great alternative and the perfect photo opportunity. Simply light the candle in the centre of the lantern and gently set it on the water. The lotus flower lanterns float beautifully on quiet water and you can reuse the lanterns if you wish. You can also create your own floating lotus flower lantern as they are so easy to make!

So there you have it ladies, sky lantern hen party ideas that are sure to impress all your ladies and mark the celebrations beautifully!

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