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Prosecco Hen Party Inspiration

Why is prosecco a girl’s best friend?

It goes without saying that prosecco is so damn tempting and suitable for any given occasion! A hen party is the perfect excuse to open up a bottle of the sparkling Italian white wine for all the girls to enjoy! Not to mention ladies, prosecco is always rather cheap and can be bought in most retailers!

We reveal our top 9 prosecco hen party ideas that you and your girls should consider to add a little sparkle to your weekend:

Prosecco Gummy Bears

Prosecco gummy bears are a unique but tasty sweet treat that are sure to appeal to all the hens! Gummy bears are a childhood favourite but this hen party twist is a sure thing! Be sure to have enough to go round!

Prosecco Ice Pops

Prosecco ice pops are a unique idea that are sure to have all the hens talking! They are ideal for a summer hen party and can be made in the comfort of your own home or purchased in a retail store, the choice is entirely yours!

Prosecco Van

Instead of an ice cream van, why not opt for a prosecco van? This is sure to have the whole hen party in their element and is sure to mark the celebrations in style! Not to mention, a prosecco van is the perfect photo opportunity so be sure to take plenty of snaps! Prosecco coming right up!

Prosecco Mini Bottles

What could be better than a bottle of prosecco? A mini bottle of prosecco of course! Treat each of the hens to a mini bottle of prosecco! Why not go all out and personalise each bottle with a message, ribbons and striped straws? They are guaranteed to look the part!

Prosecco Hen Party Cocktails

Prosecco cocktails are sure to look super glam and a great way to get the celebrations underway! When creating your prosecco cocktails be sure to include a wide selection of options, for example, Prosecco Royale’s, Bellini’s, Bakewell Fizz’s or an English Garden! They are sure to taste divine and of course suit all the ladies that enjoy a little sparkle!

Prosecco Cupcakes

With prosecco infused sponge and decorative frosting, your ladies won’t be able to get enough of these unique but classy treats! Why not go the extra mile and add glam to your prosecco cupcakes using glitter and sprinkles? They are perfect when washed down with an actual glass of prosecco, of course!

Prosecco Chocolates

Most ladies are a lover of chocolate and partial to enjoy the odd glass of prosecco so why not spoil your girls with chocolate flavoured proseccos? They are a fab idea and the perfect excuse to ditch the diet for the day! The girls are sure to be spoilt for choice with a wide range options to choose from including truffle and hazelnut to name but a few!

Prosecco Lip Balm

For the girls that believe they are make up gurus ,they are sure to be impressed with a prosecco lip balm! Top it up frequently throughout the celebrations, it is sure to get them all in the hen party spirit before having a glass of the real thing!

Pimp your Prosecco

A ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ bar could be the most perfect way to kickstart the celebrations! Be sure to go the extra mile and include many different mixers, strawberries, limes and of course unlimited use of prosecco! This way the ladies will be able to cater for themselves and serve it just the way they like it! Not to mention, it is of course the ultimate photo opportunity so don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures!

So there you have it ladies, 9 fun prosecco hen party ideas that are guaranteed to impress all the girlies! Be inspired and purchase your prosecco treats today! 

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