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Handbag Essentials Hen Party Inspiration

For a superb night out in the town with the ladies, it is important to include all the necessities that every handbag needs! From designer lipstick to compact mirrors, you are sure to be fully prepared when hitting the dancefloor!

Below is a list of handbag essential hen party ideas that you may decide to opt for:

Travel Size Perfume

It is essential that every lady smells irresistible for the hen party celebrations so travel size perfume is the perfect handbag essential! The ladies can top up whenever they wish! We are loving Bright Crystal by Versace or Angel by Thierry Mugler, these designer travel size perfumes are ideal for your hen party handbag that will leave all the other ladies envious! Or perhaps, you may also like to opt for a mini deodorant, it may come in handy throughout the course of the hen party night out!

Compact Mirror

Every lady needs a compact mirror for a fab hen party night out, especially for topping up the lipstick or mascara! It is the perfect handbag essential, you never know when it might come in handy! They are available in any high street chemist so be sure to pick the most perfect one for you!


From eating a tasty meal to sipping on a cocktail or two, it is difficult to keep your lipstick on, so it is essential to bring your favourite shade of lipstick so you can top up to your hearts content! For a long lasting lip liner and lipstick that stays on throughout the course of your hectic day, Kylie Jenner Lipkit is sure to please, we are loving Posie K for a subtle yet intense shade! Not to mention, it is the perfect handbag essential with it being super compact! Or perhaps, for a compact lipstick that offers the comforting pleasure of a creamy lipstick but also offers a dramatic shade, Rouge G De Guerlain is the perfect choice with a wide range of shades to choose from including Gabrielle and Georgia to name but a few!


A lady can never have too much sparkles in her handbag! Brighten up your hen party night out with illuminator, it certainly is a handbag essential! Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator will help give your ladies the most perfect cheekbone glow which will have all the ladies daring to stare! However ladies, we all know that it is not easy to keep your make up intact for the whole night so it is be sure to opt for a compact illuminator to top up your radiant glow!

Mini Brush Set

It comes from experience that we can safely say that the majority of our makeup brushes won’t fit into your clutches no matter how hard we try! So ladies, it is important to purchase a mini brush set that not only look good but that work wonders also! The Real Techniques Mini Brush Set is the ideal choice from blusher brushes to eyeshadow brushes!

Breath Spray

Breath spray is the ultimate handbag essential especially for a night out in the town! Having known you have this handbag essential, there is no need to feel conscious when ordering garlic bread and spicy ribs on the pre-night out meal! Enjoy a worry-free night out now ladies!

Hair Accessories

A hair bauble is sure to come in handy, you never know when you might need it! For the ladies that are having a bad hair day…or night, a hair bauble just might be your very saviour – don’t worry ladies, we completely understand! If you really want to go the extra mile to ensure to look the belle of the ball, a travel size hairbrush is sure to come in handy! Back comb, brush or style your hair whatever way you wish! Hair accessories sure are a must have handbag essential hen party idea!

So there you have it ladies handbag essential hen party ideas that are sure to come in handy for a spectacular night out with your nearest and dearest! Be inspired and purchase your handbag essentials today!

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