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Hairstyles Hen Party Inspiration

We all know hairstyles play a major role in the ultimate hen party look, so be sure to do your homework ladies and find out which style would look perfect on you! Whether you have short or long hair, thin or thick, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for for a stylish hen party night out! To help inspire you, below is a list of hen party hairstyles to try out:

Short Wavy Bob

This look is sure to have all the ladies daring to stare on the hen party night! The short way bob is a very laid back but sophisticated look, it oozes elegancy! Be sure to check out Jennifer Anniston’s short wavy bob to help inspire you, her short golden locks fall beautifully and effortlessly around her radiant face - we love! For a tousled and chic look, a short wavy bob is ideal!

Dutch Braids

If you are hoping to opt for something unique and different, then the dutch braids is right up your street! This look is most suitable for the ladies with medium to long hair, and is super easy to create! Dutch braids are a huge craze right now and will definitely help you stand out on the hen party night! This hairstyle looks so flawless on Kylie Jenner with her sleek black hair - be inspired!

Pixie Cut

For a super cute yet smart hairstyle, the pixie cut is guaranteed to impress! For those ladies with short hair, you will love with stylish look, it is so effortless! Check out the pixie cut hairstyle on Carey Mulligan, it is sure to amaze! The perfect look to show off those amazing cheekbones and jawline!

Messy Side Bun

If you have medium to long hair and looking for an elegant up style, a messy bun is sure to please! This hairstyle oozes style and is so easy to create! The side bun looks stunning on the glamorous Jennifer Lawrence especially when accompanied with her red rouge lipstick!

Ombre Hairstyle

No matter what length your hair may be, the ombre hair look is perfect for any lady! We are loving the blonde or caramel ombre colours, but you may decide to go all out with a wild colour giving the hen party theme including pink, blue, black or red! The ombre hairstyle looks spectacular on Vanessa Hudgens with her chocolate brown hair and caramel tips - it is super hip!

Slicked Bob

For a classy look for those ladies with short or shoulder length hair, a slicked bob is guaranteed to blow you away! This hairstyle will make any lady look super classy for the hen party night! It is so simple yet dramatic and not to mention so easy to create! For further inspiration, check out this look on Gigi Hadid, it will not disappoint!

So there you have it ladies, hen party hairstyles to try out - they are sure to impress! Be inspired and find your perfect hairstyle today!

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Image Credits: Just Jared | Celebitchy | Arabia Style | Hairstyleholic | The Place | Star2


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