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HEN PARTY Inspiration

Hen Party Ideas

For a stylish and unforgettable hen party experience with your nearest and dearest, it is essential that every little detail is down to a tee! We at HenorStag.com have created unique hen party ideas to help ensure all your lovely hens are impressed by your creations - go the extra mile!

We don’t like to brag but we are very on trend! We have several celebrity inspirations, from Kyle Jenner’s fabulous hairstyles to Lauren Conrad’s temporary tattoos! Looking for a unique and out of the ordinary hen party experience, be sure to check out our wide range of super cool hen party idea, from cocktail decorations to hen party party invitations, sky lanterns to mini champagne ideas - we sure to have it all!

Your Bride-to-be will be thankful she chose you for the Maid of Honour duties!

Hen Night Ideas

For girls wanting a glamours night why not choose from our Head Piece Hen Party Ideas which are sure to turn heads! Head pieces are all the rage and worn by today's most on trend celebrites and bloggers. Wanting to add a twist to your dinner then why not check out our Wine Glass Tags Hen Party Ideas which are sure to make any table look good.