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You can't beat a good chick flick with your girls, whether it be a night in with a few tubs of ice cream and a couple of bottles of wine or a day in bed nursing a hangover after your big hen night out! Find some great hen party movie inspiration!

Chick Flicks

Choose the ultimate Chick Flick from our collection of hen party movies. Enjoy some light hearted hen weekend entertainment from a vareity of different movies to suit everyone. Whether your planning a hen night cinema at home or spending the night at a friend's, hen party films are enjoyed by everyone! For a relaxing hen night get your popcorn and icecream at the ready and enjoy your last night of freedom the way you want to.

Hen Party Films

Dirty Dancing – is an ultimate classic. Learn the dance moves from the film in a professional yet dirty dancing dance class! Make sure your bride-to-be is wearing the pink dress from Baby’s last dance!

Sex and The City 2 – is the perfect romantic comedy. All are married except Samantha, who is 52 and try to deal with her horomones! Miranda quits her job after the new managing partner disrespects her once too often and Charlotte's two children are a handful and she's worried that Harry is attracted to their Irish nanny, Erin. All in the life of the girls from Sex and The City!

– is one of the most popular films of 2011. Essentially a chick flick but with more guts and a lot more humour than the usual romantic comedy! This film plays out the trials and tribulations that arise when it comes to the relationships between the women organising a hen weekend.

Best Chick Flicks

There's nothing better than getting your girls together for a lazy night in front of a fab chick flick and a large tub of Ben & Jerry's, is there? Here is some of HenorStag's favourite girly hen party movies...

1) The Notebook
2) Mean Girls
3) Bridemaids
4) The Five Year Engagement 
5) Fifty Shades Of Grey
6) How To Be Single 
7) Clueless
8) Pitch Perfect 2
9) Briget Jone's Diary
10) Fifty First Dates