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Wheatgrass Hangover Cure

Wheatgrass is widely becoming the natural substance of choice for those wishing to say good bye to a hangover.

Wheatgrass is the newly formed growth of grass that comes from a grain of wheat. So in effect it is a young sapling that is crammed full of vitamins and minerals needed to make it grow into a fully grown plant. This can be easily comprehended when compared to other foods because one once of wheatgrass has the same amount of nutritional value as two and a half pounds of left vegetables and contains more protein per ounce than beef. It specifically contains 97 enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

We recommend that you take a glass of wheatgrass a the end of your hen party before you go to bed and then another once again when you make up in the morning to assist you even further.

Wheatgrass can be found in any good health food store.


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