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Water Hangover Cure

The problem with trying to find a hangover cure, or for scientists to invent one is that no one really knows the exact cause of a hangover. The reason for this is because there are so many potential causes for a hangover and so many different types of hangover.

What can be agreed upon though is that heavy drinking and consumption of alcohol causes your body to lose a lot of the water that it contains. This results in dehydration which can cause a whole host of problems in your body, so the only way to combat against this is to hydrate with water as much as you possibly can after drinking.

To assist your body in the detoxification process after drinking we suggest that you drink as much water as you possibly can the morning after your hen party. It most certainly wont give you immediate relief from your hangover, although it will help it disappear more quickly and also banish your thirst at the same time.

Some people go by the theory that if you drink 200ml of water for every 30ml of alcohol that you drink that this will assist in preventing any hangover.


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