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Tomato Hangover Cure

Tomatoes are a delicious and gorgeous fruit that are full of natural sugars, water and nutrients. It is not surprising that they are a superb hangover cure.

Tomatoes are also one of the main ingredients in the hugely popular Bloody Mary, hair of the dog hangover cure.

What makes tomatoes such a fantastic food for helping get rid of your hangover is due to the fact that it is rich in minerals, vitamins, natural sugars and enzymes that your body loses out on after a heavy hen night drinking.

You can enjoy the delights of tomatoes in plenty of ways, although the best way to help you banish your hen party hangover is to blend some tomatoes with a little cayenne pepper, sugar and lime juice. You will be surprised at how nice this little concoction is, and even more surprised when you see the benefits it will have in getting rid of your hangover.

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