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Sprite Hangover Cure

Sprite is one of Coca Colas most popular carbonated soft drinks. The lemon and lime mixture is a tasty fizzy pop made with plenty of sugar.

Some pop drinks enjoy cult status as being the perfect hangover cure, but Sprite sure does have a lot to shout about in this category because there are scientists in China who have conducted research and found that Spite is one of the best drinks available to help you get rid of a hangover.

The Chinese scientists carried out their experiments looking at 57 different drinks which included many carbonated soft drinks, still soft drinks and herbal teas. The conclusion of their research was that Sprite came out top in it’s ability to assist your body in breaking down alcohol quicker than other drinks. This meant that your hangover did not last as long as it usually would.

The scientists believe that the worst stages of your hangover is when your body is trying to break down the alcohol in your body, so if Sprite assists that process and helps speed it up then it is the best hangover cure for the job.

If you fancy reading the full report for yourself, the research from the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou have published their work in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Food and Function.

So make sure to get plenty of Sprite ready for the morning after your hen party!

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