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Sleep Hangover Cure

Hangovers are often a mixture of different ailments mixed together which are not all attributable to the one cause. When you go on a hen party and have a fantastic time you really do put your body through it’s paces, with lots of energetic activity such as dancing, walking, shouting and even laughing! Not only that but you carry on with these activities until the very early hours of the morning and therefore miss out on your normal sleeping pattern and don't get enough sleep.

So when you wake up in the morning not only are you absolutely exhausted because of all of your hen party activities the day before, but you have also lost out on a lot of vital sleep too.

Another reason why you lose out on sleep is because the in take of alcohol disrupts your sleep because when the alcohol within your system is being processed your body suffers withdrawal symptoms and it will make you wake up.

So it is a combination of many things which will make you tired and cause you to lose sleep. So one way to correct this is to go back to sleep and let you body heal itself in peace.

So what we recommend is that if you are lucky enough to be in a position to spend the day in bed after your hen party shenanigans then make the best of your opportunity to do so sleep as much as you can!

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