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Sauna Hangover Cure

Spending time in a sauna sure isn't the easiest things to do at the best of times, and when you are suffering a hangover it sure must be a hell of a lot harder to sit in. However there are a lot of health benefits to be had from sweating it out in a sauna, and getting rid of a hangover is one of these best! 

You and your hen party should venture to a sauna if you are lucky enough to have one at your accommodation, and relax in it for a maximum of 10 minutes as that is more than enough time to spend in it and is difficult to do in any event.

We must strongly recommend though that that you don’t go on your own with a hangover as you could potentially pass out, plus don’t stay in it for longer than 10 minutes as you suffer the risk of losing too much fluids and becoming dehydrated.

Please ensure that you drink as much water as possible though before and after you visit the sauna as this will help assist replacing all of the water which you will have lost in the sauna.

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