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Pharmacy Hangover Remedies

Suffering from a horrible hangover? Reach for these pharmacy remedies to rid yourself or that horrid headache!


Berocca is a Vitamin C supplement which comes in the form of soluble tablets. Simply pop it into a glass of water so it can dissolve, turning your water orange. We would recommend taking a tall glass of water alongside this, as the water is key to rehydrating. But as far as the Berocca goes, the combination of vitamin C and vitamin B, as well as plenty of calcium and magnesium — aims to replace all the nutrients lost through the previous night of drinking.



If your headache is truly unbearable, taking some Paracetamol or Co-codamol will work well to relieve headache pain. That being said, the hangover if mainly causing you distress due to your dehydration from all the alcohol consumed, so drinking water will be the best way to replenish your fluids. Only opt for painkillers if the pain is too much to handle, as it is through replenishing fluids and nutrients that your body will recover.

Zantac 75 Relief


Another cause of distress during your hangover is that the lining of your stomach has been irritated from the acidic drinks consumed the night before. Normally employed to treat stomach ulcers and heartburn, these Zantac 75 Relief tablets aims to also clean out your stomach and reduce inflammation and irritation.



The key to overcoming your hangover is by addressing the issue that is causing the most distress, namely — dehydration. Drinking water is an effective measure that will re-hydrate, but so too will Oralyte. This drink are specifically designed to re-hydrate, with minerals such as potassium and sodium chloride mixed with water to top up your hydration levels. Similar to Dioralyte, which is used commonly for diarrhoea, Oralyte is a drug geared more toward general hydration.

FTN drink


The FTN drink is marketed as a direct answer to hangovers, targeting the alcohol-damaged cells to aid recovery. The drink contains a blue-green algae which is chock full of stem cells. Stem cells are found in all living things, and through taking master cells into your system, they can potentially repair those damaged by the alcohol!

Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle tablets are touted to boost production of glutathione, which can help to neutralise toxins in conjunction with the liver. The tablets should also help to reduce irritation and settle your stomach.

To try Milk Thistle in tea form, consult the Hangover Herbal Tea Remedies blog!

Get your hands on some of these products and relieve your hangover symptoms quickly!

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