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Pain Killer Hangover

When you awake from your hen party hangover it is highly likely that your head will be pounding and that you will go for the first packet of pain killers you can find just to get some immediate relief from the thumping pain.

We cannot agree more with the use of pain killers as this is the best way to get rid of that sore head, sore feet and any other aches and pains, although we have a huge word of warning as you must be very careful with what exact pain killers you will be taking.

We recommend that you stick to taking anti-inflammatory medicine such as aspirin and ibuprofen. The reason for this is that while it will asset relief of your headache, your liver will sadly suffer as it is working overtime already trying to get rid of all the alcohol. We also strongly recommend that you read the instructions on the box and make sure that you under no circumstances take more than the recommended dosage.

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