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Hot Water Honey Lemon Hangover Cure

It couldn't be easier for you to rustle up this natural hangover cure the morning after your hen party.

Simply boil some water, slice up a lemon and have some honey at the ready. Put a few tea spoons of honey in the bottom of a cup, then pour on the boiling hot water and stir continuously until all of the honey has dissolved. Then get the lemons and put them in with the hot boiling water and mix it up thoroughly.

The more honey you put into the water the sweeter it will be. If you have a dodgy stomach you may want to decrease the amount of lemon as the acidity may trouble your stomach further.

The fact that honey is jammed packed with natural sugars, namely sucrose, these help your body in boosting your metabolism and getting rid of alcohol and other toxins and bi-products from a heavy night of drinking.

Honey is also a great source of potassium, which your body looses a lot of during drinking, and needs replacing urgently.

All of the vitamins in the lemons will help replenish those which you will have lost through drinking and the water will assist you in rehydrating. The big bonus of this natural hangover cure is that it is incredibly tasty too!


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