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Hangover Preventions

Ensure that the morning after your hen party isn’t greeted with a nasty hangover by taking these preventative measures!

Don’t Mix & No Sugar


Everyone knows that mixing drinks can lead to bad hangovers, as your liver has to work overtime in order to filter out all the toxins from the array of spirits and shots you consume! So by remaining with the same drink for the duration of the night, you are less likely to experience a horrendous hangover.

That being said, drinking mixes can also be as damaging as mixing drinks. All the sugar involved in mixers can be a deadly cocktail, leaving you with one hell of a headache. In order to speed your liver’s job along in the most efficient way, avoid mixing fizzy drinks with your spirits. Sticking to wine or beer is much preferred, but you know what they say — don’t drink both!

Eat Plenty


You must have heard from your parents before leaving the house for a night on the town to “line the stomach”. What they mean by this is eating a good meal well in advance of the hen night, so that you can enjoy all the positive effects of the alcohol without the negatives.

Failing to eat before going out is usually a recipe for disaster, as there is nothing in your stomach to soak up a degree of the alcohol. This means that you will get the full effects of the drink, effects that most of us can’t handle!

Another thing to remember is that eating late can hamper your buzz, as the alcohol sits in your stomach as opposed to being absorbed. So eating well in advance is advised. If you prepare for the hen night properly with a good meal beforehand, hopefully you wont be greeted with a hangover the next day.

Sun Chlorella Tablets
A 1996 study on Sun Chlorella tablets in Japan found that the freshwater algae that these tablets are made from can prevent up to 96 per cent of a hangover if taken prior to drinking!

The study also suggested that the tablets also aid the liver in detoxing the following day, as the iron, folic acid and B vitamins are necessary minerals for recover. However, many are skeptical of the study and believe the evidence to be inconclusive — so don’t expect miracles. That being said, it certainly can’t hurt to try it!

Drink Less


With all the confusion surrounding the subject of hangovers, the only sure fire yet least helpful hangover prevention there is is to drink less!

No matter what way you slice it, Alcohol is a toxin — and it is the presence of this toxin in your body that results in you having a hangover. By drinking less, you give you liver a lot less work to do, and will indelibly reduce the risk of hangover.

Keep hangovers at bay by preparing for your hen night the right way!

Image Credits: Fotolia | Sun Chlorella


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