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Greasy Breakfast Hangover Cure

In order for your body to get rid of the alcohol, bi-products and toxins after a heavy night of drinking, it needs to increase your metabolism and process all of the bad chemicals out of your body.

The high protein level of a greasy breakfast in the beans, eggs, bacon and sausage means that it is jam packed with amino acids which are a vital tool in increasing the speed that the body process alcohol.

Bacon and sausages are a great source of B vitamins which help massively in inceasing your body’s metabolism to breakdown alcohol and bi-products. The eggs and cheese also are full of antioxidants which will help ease the discomfort you experience during your hangover.

Although for some the thought of eating a large greasy breakfast after a heavy hen night may well be stomach turning or give you heart burn. All we can say though that if you get all that protein into you it will go a long way in getting rid of that hangover.


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