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Ginger Tea Hangover Cure

Ginger tea isn't the most common type of tea you will find, and it sure isn't something that you would have in the morning with your cooked breakfast.

However we at HenorStag.com think it is a superb way to help get rid of that stinking hen party hangover. Ginger is a great natural substance which helps beat nausea caused by hangovers and even helps motion and travel sickness. This is because ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory within your digestive system and this helps to block your serotonin receptors in the stomach.

All that you have to do to make this simply delight is to finely cut up a ginger root and boil it in water. You can strain off the bits and simply enjoy the delicate tea, or you can munch up the bits of ginger too.

If the whole process of making ginger tea feels like to much hassle then simply poor yourself a nice big glass of chilled ginger ale!


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