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Food Hangover Cures

From aiding your liver in cleaning out the alcohol in your system, to giving you an energy boost to get up and go, here are list of foody hangover cures!



Without a doubt, the number one super food to combat a hangover is garlic. whilst some mentions on this list will simply make you feel better, garlic actively troubleshoots the root of your hangover. Your hangover simply won’t end until your liver has processed all the alcohol out of your system, so eating garlic is proven to activate liver enzymes. It also contains allicin and selenium, two other compounds that aid this process.



Avocados are another super food that is great for aiding a hangover. Its common knowledge by now that the vegetable is dense in nutrients, producing the compound glutathione that is great for giving your liver a helping hand.

Secondly, avocado is high in fat, meaning that the fat in the vegetable can serve to soak up any residual alcohol in your stomach, as well as giving your body a slow releasing energy boost that will help you from crashing later in the day.

Lastly, avocados are quite versatile, as they can be enjoyed as a spread on wholemeal or sourdough bread, which will give you a nice energy boost form the carbs.



It’s no wonder that when Eric ate a banana he turned into Banana Man, these little tropical delights are packed full of everything that your body should need to clear out all all the nasty remnants of your hangover.

Bananas are crammed full of fructose which are a form of natural sugars which are slowly released into your blood stream. They also contain a natural antacid which are perfect for helping you with any feeling of nausea and also with acid reflux. Magnesium is also to be found in abundance which will help to relax your blood vessels and relieve any headache.

The special ingredient which is to be found abundance in a banana is potassium. This is also why bananas are the fruit of choice of athletes also. When you are drinking a lot your lose a lot of potassium, so the banana is a great way of replenishing it for you. We recommend you eat one as soon as you wake up after your hen night or even gobble one up before you go to bed that night!



When Popeye gobbled up his spinach it gave him bulging muscles and super human strength, and whilst we can’t promise that it will happen to you the morning after your hen part — what we can assure you is that it will leave you feeling better!

Spinach is packed full of vitamin C, folic acid and even sulphur, which are all nutrients excellent at helping your body knock out that hangover.

You may not feel the immediate relief that spinach will provide your body as a hangover cure, but what it will do is massively assist your body in detoxifying your blood and removing all of the alcohol, toxins and bi-products form your body.



The result of drinking too much is that it will leave your body depleted of vital vitamins and minerals and natural salts. This is where the mighty gherkin comes in though, as they are packed full of iron, potassium, vitamin K, manganese and calcium.

Some will complain at the taste of gherkins, so one way to get them into your system easy is to head to McDonalds and order their signature meal, the Big Mac — because it’s there you’ll find gherkins as one of the Big Mac’s key ingredients.



Honey is widely used around the world to help alleviate a number ailments.

The fact that honey is jammed packed with natural sugars, namely sucrose, these help your body in boosting your metabolism and getting rid of alcohol and other toxins and bi-products from a heavy night of drinking. Honey is also a great source of potassium, which your body looses a lot of during drinking, and needs replacing urgently.



There is plenty of science to back up our claim that eggs are one of the best foods for a hangover cure.

The main reason that you get a hangover is because after drinking a lot your body produces a bi-product called acetaldehyde which is a toxic substance. It’s this toxic substance which causes all of your hangover symptoms. Your body tries to get rid of this by producing a chemical called glutathione, but your body cant produce it quickly enough. Eggs are an excellent source of cysteine which is contained in glutathione and it is this that will clear up all of the nasty bi-products in your body.

So whether your like your eggs poached, fried, scrambled or boiled, makes sure to have plenty for your breakfast the morning after your hen party and hopefully the eggs will be the perfect hangover cure for your hen party.

These range of super foods will soon kick that horrid hangover’s butt!

Image Credits: medicalnewstoday | bbcgoodfood


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