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Carbs Hangover Cure

All those hens on a low carb diet will have to abandon it for one day so that they can benefit from this great hangover cure.

Even if your hangover is telling you not to eat anything because your upset stomach, just ignore it and make sure to eat a healthy portion of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates will help to mop up all of the alcohol and bi-products that are left inside your digestive system from your big night drinking.

The best foods to eat which are full of carbs and will help best are pasta and wholegrain bread. We are particular fans of wholegrain bread as it contains detoxifying B vitamins and essential fatty acids which will be kind in helping to heal your liver.

Let’s face it too … who doesn't like a good feed of carbs after a heavy nights drinking? Your hen party sure will not take much persuasion to do so!

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