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Berocca Hangover Cure

Berocca is a supplement which you get in the form of tablet that is soluble in water. You simply pop it into a big glass of water and watch it fizz and dissolve and turn your big glass of water into something which resembles a big glass of orange juice.

Not only is all of the water the perfect thing to assist you in the destruction of your hangover, but its the magic that is included in the Berocca that helps most. It is an effervescent tablets which contains vitamin C, vitamin B and also plenty of calcium and magnesium too.

The delightful thing is that the Berocca help replace nutrients which are lost through drinking.

One tip that we have for you is to take one of these before you start drinking too, because as they always say, prevention is better than cure.

Even if it doesn't help cure your hen party hangover it will most certainly give you a good perk up!

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