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Banana Hangover Cure

It’s no wonder that when Eric ate a banana he turned into Banana Man, these little tropical delights are packed full of everything that your body should need to clear out all all the hasty remains of your hen party hangover.

Bananas are crammed full of fructose which are a form of natural sugars which are slowly released into your blood stream.

The special ingredient which is to be found abundance in a banana is potassium. This is also why bananas are the fruit of choice of athletes also. When you are drinking a lot your lose a lot of potassium, so the banana is a great way of replenishing it for you. We recommend you eat one as soon as you wake up after your hen night or even gobble one up before you go to bed that night!

Bananas also contain a natural antacid which are perfect for helping you with any feeling of nausea and also with acid reflux. Magnesium is also to be found in abundance which will help to relax your blood vessels and relieve any headache.

If you don’t fancy gobbling down a banana then why not make it easier by making a banana smoothie, or a banana milkshake, which is a tasty way of consuming all the hangover cure goodness!

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