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Avoid Bright Lights Hangover Cure

You may not know it but one of the big side affects of your hangover is that it causes you to have hypersensitivity to light and noise, meaning that normal light and normal noise will become excruciatingly annoying.

We advise that a superb hangover cure is to avoid bright lights and loud noises wherever you possibly can. So if you do intend to face the big bad world with your hangover then pull on a pair of your biggest sunglasses to cut out the sun, and do not listen to any loud music, maybe even ear a pair of ear muffs or put in some ear plugs.

The safest place to stay therefore is your warm and comfy bed, as well as using a combination of all of our other wonderful hangover cures we are sure things will be much better for you and your hens after devouring all the wonderful cocktails on your hen party.


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