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Wine Tasting Hen Party Game

Why Play?

This Wine Tasting hen party game gives the ladies the perfect excuse to drink some fine wine to mark this special occasion! The aim of the game is to taste many fine wines, winning points for guessing the type and brand of wine!

What You’ll Need
  • Fine wine!
  • Wine tasting glasses
  • Paper and pens for all hens

How to Play
  • Seat your ladies around a table.
  • Each hen will be given a small glass of wine to taste.
  • They will then write down what they think the win is
  • Two points are up for grabs! A point will be awarded for guessing the type of wine as well as another point being awarded for guessing the brand!
  • Once the hens have wrote down their answer, they will move on to the next bottle of wine and so forth!
  • Once all the bottles have been tasted and the marks counted, the winner will be presented with a prize!

Top Tips
  • Cover or seal the wine before starting the game to ensure that none of the cheeky hens try to pull a fast one!
  • Incase you really want to determine who is th real wine lover in your group, make evryone wear blindfolds! This way, there will definitely be no cheating!
  • Award your wine specialist with a fitting prize! Perhaps give them the bottle of wine that they liked the most—or in the event that they’d rather see the back of wine at that stage, give them a box of chocolate or beauty products!

Wine Tasting hen party game will put your knowledge of fine wine to the test! Let’s find out which of your friends is the biggest wine connoisseur!

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