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Who Is It? Hen Party Game

Why Play?
'Who Is It' is an entertaining game that requires the girls to have their wits about them! The aim of the game is to guess who is conversing with you whilst being blindfolded. This game is super simple to organise and is a perfect game whilst having a few socials!

What you’ll need

  • 1 opaque blindfold
  • Alcohol
  • Your wits about you!
How to play
  • Get your entire hen party to stand around in a circle.
  • Have the bride-to-be wear a blindfold. Get here to spin three times and point at someone in the circle
  • The unlucky lady will then wear the blindfold and will be spun around (make things trickier and even more fun for the rest of the hen party by spinning the hen in the middle around 10 times).
  • Once the hen has been released she must go forward and touch the person closest to her and ask, “who is it?”.
  • Whoever is selected must reply “It is me... guess who?” in the weirdest voice possible!
  • The dizzy participant will then have to guess which member of the hen party it is.
  • If correct, whoever the participant chose to reply will have their turn.
  • If incorrect, the participant must get spun around another 3 times and repeat the process. Only when the hen guesses correctly will she be able to relinquish the blind fold to the next contestant!

***Disclaimer*** This game may induce dizziness and drunken dazes—nevertheless, the girls will be thoroughly entertained and remain jovial all the same! Guaranteed!

Top tips
Add drinking rules to this game to up the anti! Have the unfortunate participant drink for every wrong answer they get! Hopefully her senses are razor sharp so it doesn’t get too messy!

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