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Which One Is The Lie? Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Which One is the Lie hen party game gives you the chance to wear you poker face and fool your friends! The aim of the game is for every hen to tell two truths and one lie about themselves. The rest of the group then have to decide which of your three statements is a lie! Not only will you have a barrel of laughs together, but you'll also get to find out fascinating things about each other!

What You’ll Need
  • 1 poker face

How to Play

  • To be good at this game you need to be able to lie—whilst at the same time have a keen eye for spotting a liar!
  • Each hen will take it in turns to share three personal facts about themselves.
  • However, only one fact will be true and the other two will be made up!
  • Now it is the task of the rest of the group to try and work out which ‘fact’ is in fact fiction!

Top Tips
  • Why not infuse this game with alcohol to raise the stakes? If the group guesses your lie correctly, you must take a shot! However, if you manage to deceive your friends and they choose incorrectly, then everyone must do a shot instead!

Regardless of whether the statements are true or not, ‘Which One is the Lie’ provides plenty of interesting stories!

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