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Truth or Dare Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Truth or Dare hen party game is a safe bet for an evening of hilarious entertainment! The aim of the game is for everyone to individually draw a pice of paper from a bowl—where they will then have to either complete the dare or tell the truth specified! Bring out the wild side in your girls with this game that will escalate quickly!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper and pens
  • A bowl

How to Play
  • To carry out Truth or Dare hen party game, all participants must write down one dare and one truth question onto a piece of paper and fold it up.
  • Once the ladies have done this, they must put the folded pieces of paper into the bowl.
  • The ladies must then sit around and pass around the bowl, with music playing in the background.
  • Stop the music at intervals and whoever is holding the bowl when the music stops must lift out a piece of paper from the bowl and carry out the truth question or dare!

Top Tips

  • Try not to be too probing with your truth questions! Keep the atmosphere jovial at all times!
  • We all know truths are for scaredy-cats, so why not add the rule that a player must take a drink as well as telling a truth—this way, they will eventually have to pick a dare!
  • If someone point black refuses to do either the dare or tell a truth—make them down their drink!
  • Need ideas for dares! Look no further than our Hen Party Dares page!
  • Just incase you wish to take this game out on the town—instead of a bowl, write down the truths and dares onto napkins, and mix them about! When they are thoroughly mixed, put the selected piece inside a bottle of beer or wine, and spin the bottle around your group!

Truth or Dare is the ideal hen party game to get everyone in good spirits and become closer as friends in the process!

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