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True or False Hen Party Game

Why Play?

True or False hen party game is a chance for your girls to become detectives as they go in search of the truth! The game is played by the bride-to-be reading out statements about herself—some true, some false! It is up to the other participants to judge whether it is either true or false!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper and pens for every hen.
  • A number of pre-written statements for the bride-to-be to read out to the group.
  • Consult the bride-to-be’s family and significant other for embarrassing statements!

How to Play
  • Once you have gathered some great true statements about the bride-to-be, you will then have to get creative with some false statements!
  • Once the false statements have been written, all statements will be mixed in order to obscure the truth.
  • The bride-to-be will then draw and read out the statements—one-by-one!
  • After she reads the statement, each hen will record whether they think the statement was true or false!
  • A simple way of keeping score is to produce a grid with the names of all the girls on one side with the statement number on the other. Answer with a ’T’ or ‘F’ to save time.
  • This way, you can quickly add up the scores at the end to see who have came out on top—but most importantly, determine a loser!

Top Tips
  • As you know the bride-to-be the best, you should have loads of interesting facts about her which will used for the true statements. You could also ask the bride-to-be for some other interesting facts about herself that she doesn’t mind sharing.
  • The thinking behind the false statements should be to make them realistic enough that they will fool some of the participants but equally ridiculous as not to offend the bride-to-be!
  • Why not add spice to the game by punishing the loser with a forfeit or dare! Check out our Hen Party Dares page for ideas!
  • Prizes can be awarded for the winner or 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Give them fitting prizes, such as a box of chocolates, a bottle of Prosecco, or hair and beauty products!

True or False hen party game will provide loads of laughter at the bride-to-be’s expense!

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