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The Ice Cube Melters Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Ice Cube Melters hen party game is a great team game that with bring out the competitive side of your girls! The aim of the game is for your team to melt as many ice cubes as they can, using only their hands! Talk about icebreakers!

What You’ll Need
  • Around 20 ice cubes, but please remember to keep them in a freezer until it’s time to start! (This may seem like stating the obvious, but when you have a group of girls on a special hen weekend silly things may happen!)

How to Play
  • Split your group into at least 2 teams, (The size of the groups and number of the teams is relative to the size of your hen party).
  • You will need to select a trustworthy person to act as a referee for this game.
  • The referee will give each member of the teams an ice cube.
  • When the referee shouts ‘GO’! All participants will attempt to melt their ice cubes using only their hands!
  • Feel free to pass the ice cube between team members as much as you want!
  • The first team to melt an ice cube of every member of their team will be declared the winners!

Top Tips
  • Why not raise the stakes? Why not put the losing team through their paces with some chilling dares?! Check out our Hen Party dares page for inspiration!

Ice Cube Melters is a simple and effective team building exercise that will leave your ladies with cold hands, but warm hearts!

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