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The Dancing Queen Hen Party Game

Why Play?

The Dancing Queen hen party game is a great way for the ladies to let their hair down! The aim of the game is for a participant to coin a one-second dance move which the rest of the group will mimic. It then quickly becomes a memory test, as group members must remember to re-enact the dance moves in sequence—as a new move is added every time!

What You’ll Need
  • Plenty of open space!

How to Play
  • Get your girls into a circle within an area that has lots of space so that they can each move around freely!
  • You will then have to select one girl to start this crazy dancing/ memory game off!
  • The lucky girl to start of this game will make a second-long dance move, using her arms, legs, hips, whatever!
  • The only rule is it the moves can be no longer than a second!
  • One by one, each girl in the circle must imitate this dance move—like a ripple effect, until it makes it’s way round the circle back to the start!
  • The next participant will then do their dance move, whilst the first participant repeats their own move!
  • This time, both moves much be re-enacted by the group until it gets back to the start. They, a third move will be acted out by other participant!
  • Eventually, there will be enough dance moves to make your head spin!
  • If someone at any point gets a dance move incorrect—whether it be the wrong action or in the wrong order, they are eliminated from the game!
  • This will continue until there is a battle left between two hens, with the last remaining hen being crowned the Dancing Queen!

Top Tips
  • Why not take the competitive age out of this game and replace the elimination rules with drinking rules! For every dance move a person gets incorrect, make everyone take a drink! Lets see how in-sync you are with your girls!
  • Or alternatively, replace the eliminate rules with forfeits and dares! For every incorrect dance move, make the culprit do a dare of your choosing! For ideas, follow the link to our Hen Party Dares page!

For a fun and active brainteaser, ‘The Dancing Queen’ hen party game is the right choice!

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