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Sticker Stalker Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Sticker Stalker hen party game should be on everyone’s game list! As a 'Sticker Stalker’, the aim for the game is to stick all stickers onto each other without the other members of the hen party knowing you have done so!

What You’ll Need

  • Stickers!

How to Play
  • Allocate a set number of stickers to each participant (e.g ‘5’)
  • Your objective is simple: Place stickers on unsuspecting hens without them noticing!
  • Feel free to stick them wherever you wish—the back, legs, head, arms or even their bottom, it’s entirely up to you, but do so sneakily!
  • The winner is the first participant to get rid of all of her stickers through sticking them onto the other participants. So simply put, the sneakiest ‘Sticker Stalker’ wins!
  • However, if you are discovered when attempting to put a sticker on someone, the person that discovered you gets to put a sticker of their choosing wherever they want on your body! Plus, you cannot remove it under any circumstances!

Top Tips
  • To jazz this hen party game up a little and for that extra comical effect you can customise the stickers. Colour code them, put naughty photos on them, or even better use the face of the hen’s husband to be!
  • Make your hens look like a car bumper by putting multiple stickers on the same person! This game is normally played with one sticker per person, but it is so much funnier when all stickers are stuck to the same person!
  • To make things more challenging, use stickers that come in different sizes, so that it is more difficult to stick the bigger ones onto someone without being noticed!
  • Why not take this game out on the town! Instead of putting the stickers on each other, try to stick them onto strangers without them noticing!

This hilarious hen party game is perfect for inside jokes during your afternoon tea or night out, so get stalking!

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