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Spot Your Charade Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Spot Your Charade hen party game is one for the drama queens! The aim of the game is for every hen to act out their charade, whilst simultaneously looking out for the hen in the other group that is acting out the same thing!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper and a pen for each hen.
  • Your Imagination!

How to Play
  • Split your hens up into two equal groups.
  • Everyone must think of a charade each. Once they have decided on their charade they must write it down on two separate pieces of paper!
  • Put one of the pieces of paper into one pile and then put the other piece in the other. Please ensure to keep each pile separate!
  • Now shuffle each of the piles and distribute them to the respective groups.
  • Each hen will then take a piece of paper from the pile.

Now for the fun part…

  • When the bride-to-be shouts ‘GO’, everyone acts out their charade simultaneously!
  • Whilst everyone is acting out their charades, your objective is to find out which hen from the other group is acting out the same charade as you!
  • Once you have spotted the hen in the other group doing the same charade as you, make a silent gesture and then sit down as a pair at once!
  • The last pair to sit down are then out of the hen party game!
  • With all remaining pairs sitting down, the pairs will share their charades with each other to confirm they have acted out the same one. Any pair that are incorrect are out of the game!
  • The remaining pairs of hens then split into two new teams to start a new round, this time with different charades than before!
  • The last pair of hens remaining in the final round will then be crowned the winning hens of 'Spot Your Charade'! 

Top Tips
  • No talking! The main rule is that everyone must remain completely silent when acting out their charade so that observations are purely made from gesture.
  • Why not raise the stakes to make sure pairs are getting it right! If a pair sit down together incorrectly, the pair that had previously been eliminated due to not sitting down in time will re-enter the game in the other teams place!

Spot your charade is the perfect way to reveal your excellent acting skills to the rest of your hen party!

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