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Scavenger Hunt Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Scavenger Hunt hen party game is perfect for your night out with the girls! Simply draw up a scavenger checklist, and attempt to tick all items off the list over the course of the night! This is the a sure way to bring both the competitive nature and the wild side out of your ladies!

What You’ll Need
  • A scavenger checklist

How to Play
  • Divide everyone into teams! The teams can be any size but the bigger the better!
  • Once the teams are sorted, the teams are then given a list of items that they must find in the ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ These items can be as crazy or as random as you want them to be, from a selfie with the best looking bar man to a mans piece of clothing!
  • Groups can either stick together or go off separately for the chance to finish quicker and beat their rival teams!
  • At the end of the night, the team with the most ticks on their checklist will be declared the winners!
  • However, the team with the lowest score is declared the losers, and must do a forfeit or dare!

Scavenger Hunt Checklist Suggestions
  1. Find a guy who has the same name as the groom-to-be
  2. Get a signed coaster from any of the bar-staff
  3. Get a picture with a man in uniform! (e.g policeman, fireman, coastguard)
  4. Get a selfie with the best looking barman
  5. Find a new friend and take photo of said friend!
  6. Make a video of your team taking shots and put it on your Snapchat story
  7. Photographic evidence of you photobombing a stranger’s picture
  8. Obtain a piece of clothing from a man.
  9. Mimic someones dance moves
  10. Make a song request to the DJ
  11. Photo of something (or someone!) old
  12. Photo of something new
  13. Photo of something borrowed
  14. Photo of something blue
  15. Convince a guy to take his shirt off
  16. Acquire a condom
  17. Obtain the weirdest item you can find
  18. Receive a piggyback ride from a stranger
  19. Have someone write you marriage advice onto a napkin
  20. Go behind enemy lines and get a picture of the men’s bathroom

Top Tips
  • As it’s plain to see—some items on this checklist are harder to acquire than others! With that said, why not invent a points system?! Assign how many points are on offer beside each task on the checklist, so that your team is duly rewarded for completing a challenging task!
  • The losing team must do a dare or a forfeit that the winning team has specified, so get creative! Need any help hatching your evil plans? Go to our Hen Party Dares page for inspiration!

Things are bound to get very interesting with Scavenger Hunt hen party game!

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