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Predictions for the Wedding Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Predictions for the Wedding hen party game encourages mingling and speculation among your girls! The aim of the game is for each hen write down and read out predictions for the bride-to-be’s wedding day! Bring the fun factor to your afternoon tea with this super-fun game!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper and pens for every hen

How to Play

  • Get all the ladies to write their predictions down on a piece of paper, they can be as whacky or as sweet as you want them to be!
  • Each hen will read out their suggestions one-by-one!
  • The bride-to-be will act as the judge!
  • The bride-to-be will crown whoever comes up with the best predictions as the winner!

Wedding Predictions Suggestions
  1. Will everything go according to plan? (Does it ever?!)
  2. How late will the bride be to her own wedding?
  3. Will the bride or groom mess up their vows?
  4. What will the first dance song be?
  5. Will there be a dance routine for the first dance?
  6. What will the groom’s reaction be when he sees his bride?
  7. What are the bride and groom’s signature drinks?
  8. Will any guests have the gall to wear white?
  9. Which couple at the wedding will be next to get married?
  10. Which bridesmaid is most likely to trip during the ceremony?
  11. What flavours will be in the wedding cake?
  12. Will the best man cry during his speech?
  13. Whose speech will be the longest?
  14. Which guest is most likely to make a scene at the reception?
  15. Will the bride and groom last until the end of the night?

Top Tips
  • Why not make this game extra fun by adding drinking rules? Take a drink every time you think a prediction will actually happen on the bride-to-be’s wedding day!

This game is perfect for your afternoon tea during your hen weekend away with your ladies!

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