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Pop The Question Hen Party Game

So hen parties the groom-to-be is likely to have popped the question to the lovely bride-to-be but its now her turn to pop the questions to ll 20 of them in this "truth or dare" version. Hen party games like Pop The Question are a great way of getting to know the ladies a little better!

Hen Party Game Rules

This game does take a little time to organise but well worth it!

Start by cutting up 20 strips of paper that you know can be rolled up and fitted into a balloon. On each individual strip of paper write a question that the bride-to-be will have to answer. The questions can be about anything but the aim is to get a good laugh out of the bride-to-be's answers. You may want to put in a few embarrassing questions that you know she will struggle to answer. Every question that she decides not to answer will result in a forfeit shot!

Once you have all twenty questions written out it's time to roll each one up and put them into their own balloon. When the balloons are all filled with a question you then blow them up!

On the hen night get the hens into a circle and put some of the balloons into the middle of the floor. The bride-to-be is then given a pin and will burst each balloon one by one whilst either answering the question or choosing to do a forfeit shot. Expect lots of laughs and a potentially drunk if not embarrassed bride-to-be! Off course if you want there is no reason why each hen can't take their turn at answering a question- the bride-to-be may need your help!

Time to get the balloons out and shots at the ready!


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