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Pop The Question Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Pop the Question hen party game is a chance to learn things about the bride-to-be she wouldn’t tell you in a million years! The aim of the game is for the bride-to-be to pop balloons, which will have a question contained inside. She will then decide to answer the question, or do a dare in this "truth or dare" after dark version of 'Balloon Question Time'!

What You’ll Need
  • 20 paper strips
  • Balloons
  • A pin

This game does take a little time to organise but well worth it!

  • Start by cutting up 20 strips of paper that can be rolled up and fitted into a balloon. On each individual strip of paper, write a question that the bride-to-be will have to answer!
  • Once you have all twenty questions written out it's time to roll each one up and put them into their own balloon.
  • When the balloons are all filled with a question, blow them up! 

How to Play
  • On the hen night, get the hens into a circle and put some of the balloons into the middle of the floor.
  • The bride-to-be is then given a pin and will burst each balloon one-by-one, reading out each question to the group.
  • The bride-to-be will then make the decision whether to answer the question or not! If she chooses to answer the question truthfully, every hen in attendance must take a drink!
  • However, if the bride-to-be decides she would rather not answer, she will will be forced to do a dare instead!

Top Tips
  • There is no reason why each one can't take their turn at answering a question! We have a sneaking suspicion before long—the bride-to-be may need your help!
  • Incase you’re brainstorming ideas for dares to make the bride-to-be struggle through, look no further than our Hen Party Dares page! Our Dares page boasts a whole hosts of unique dares, ranging from food or drink to naughty and physical!
  • What separates this game from 'Balloon Question Time' is that your questions can be much more probing! Ask anything under the sun, as the bride-to-be does not have to answer! Remember though, if she decides not to tell the truth and answer the question, she must do a dare instead!
  • However, if you think the bride-to-be may be offended by some of the questions, check out our Balloon Question Time Hen Party Game for a lighter-hearted version!

The groom-to-be is likely to have been the one to pop the question, but now the bride-to-be can have her turn! Expect lots of laughs and a potentially drunk—if not embarrassed, bride-to-be!


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