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Peggy Sue Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Peggy Sue hen party game is an opportunity to showcase your sneaking-skills! The aim of the game is to attach a clothes peg to an unsuspecting member of your group and yell ‘Peggy Sue!’ The girls will have to scramble to find out whether the peg is attached to them. If the peg is not discovered, that sneaky hen is the winner!

What You’ll Need

  • Clothes peg
How to Play
  • One member of the hen party is given a clothes peg to start the game.
  • This participant’s goal is to stick the clothes peg onto any member of the group - without them realising!
  • You can stick the clothes peg wherever you wish on the hen of your choice, whether that be their hair, clothes etc!
  • Once you have attached the clothes peg without the hen knowing then you shout out loud for everyone to hear ... “Peggy Sue”!
  • Every single member of the hen party must check themselves to ensure that they don’t have a clothes peg attached to them.
  • If the unsuspecting hen cannot locate the peg within 10 seconds then she must face an unfortunate forfeit!
  • However, if the participant is discovered when trying to put the clothes peg on someone, she will be forced to do a forfeit instead!
Top Tips
  • To make the game harder for the participant, have them start a count down from 10 to 1, giving the victim the opportunity to find and remove the clothes peg! If she does so successfully, the participant fails the challenge and must do a forfeit or dare!
  • For forfeit and dare ideas, look no further than our Hen Party Dares page!
So for all you super-sneaky sisters out there, go undercover and play Peggy Sue at your hen party!

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