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Pass the Parcel Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Pass the Parcel hen party game releases the inner child within you! The aim of the game is for a gift to be passed around a circle whilst music is playing. At regular intervals, the music will stop and someone will remove a layer of the parcel and answer a general knowledge question. The game will then continue until all the layers have been removed!

What You’ll Need
  • All members of the hen party must bring gifts to mark the occasion! These gifts can range from funny to sentimental—either way, make sure to tug on the bride-to-be’s heartstrings!
  • Wrapping paper. The gifts must then be wrapped with several layers to build tension!
  • General knowledge questions!

How to Play
  • All the ladies must sit in a circle with music playing in the background.
  • Whilst the music is playing, a gift will be passed one at a time around the circle.
  • The music will stop at regular intervals!
  • The person holding the gift when the music stops must remove a layer of the paper, then answer a general knowledge question!
  • If she gets it right, the game will restart.
  • However, if she gets it wrong, that participant has to take a shot!
  • The game will continue in this vein until the gift has been unwrapped!
  • The fortunate girl that happens to open the present will be able to keep it! 

Top Tips

  • Pick music which has sentimental value to the bride-to-be for an added dose of cuteness!
  • As for the general knowledge questions, you can either use card games such as Trivia Pursuit, or create your own!
  • Don’t fancy shots? No worries! Instead, whoever gets a question wrong must do a forfeit or dare! For forfeit ideas, take a look at our Hen Party Dares page!
  • Buy multiple gifts to make the game last longer!

Pass the Parcel celebrates the gift of giving in a special way! Instead of a simple gift opening at the hen party, add drama to the occasion with this famous hen party game!

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